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(Hijau Natura) Zhangzhou Snow Fungus 60g

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Snow fungus or white fungus (Tremella fuciformis) is an edible medicinal mushroom with a gelatinous texture and a coral shape. It commonly grows in Asia and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years.

It is low in calories and high in fiber. It’s also packed with multiple vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimal health.


  • May be anti- inflammatory
  • May have antioxidant properties
  • May promote brain health
  • May boost your immune system
  • May improve skin complexion
  • May help control blood sugar levels
  • May lower heart disease risk


  • Soak snow fungus in water, and let it sit for 1 to 3 hours or until all of it becomes gelatinously soft.
  • Trim off the bottom part, as it remains hard after soaking.
  • Tear the fungus into small, petal-like pieces. Wash thoroughly and drain or pat dry.

Snow fungus has a sweet taste and bland texture and is traditionally cooked in soups, both sweet and savory. Still, you may enjoy it as an ingredient in other everyday dishes.

*Keep in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight or keep refrigerated